Contact Paul Slade 0428 103 196 for more info on any of these dates

Practice days for Dirt Track/Speedway & MX will be combinded days until further notice. These will be held the 1st weekend of the month. 
For more information on TMCC please refer to the Contact Us page.

General Meeting 2nd Tuesday of every month 
at Family Hotel, Bridge St, Tamworth starting at 7:30 pm.  All welcome to attend.

Friday 5 December 
TMCC Christmas party and presentation night at the Family Hotel function room at 6:30pm.

Saturday 13 December 
Practice day for MX, Dirt Track and Speedway starting at 4pm till it gets to dark to see.

Saturday 17 Feb 2015 
Practice day for MX, Dirt Track and Speedway starting at 4pm until it gets to dark to see.

Saturday 21 February 2015 
NSW Open Senior Speedway Sidecar Championship to be held Oakburn Park Tamworth.

May 2015
Australian Junior Long Track Championship to be held at Oakburn Park Tamworth

All MX dates will be put up here when our club knows a little bit more on 
what’s going on with the MX or gets Officials to help run the MX races days.

Practice Days, Kick Start books and Junior Endorsements will be 
held on the 1st Saturday of every month 12noon till 4pm. 

If any of the 4 Club Championship point score dates for Dirt Track or 
Speedway get cancelled for any reason they will not be re-run 
TMCC will just go with what rounds have been run.

Keep an eye out on the clubs web site or Face Book page 
for date CHANGES and times or ring Paul on 0428 103 196.

All these dates are subject to change without notice so 
please phone if you’re not sure on what’s going on. 

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