The Tamworth Motorcycle Club was established in 1952 by the late Harry Pyne. Over the years it has run at four different venues. The first being at Nemingha followed by Pine Park, Moore Creek and now at Oakburn Park.

Oakburn Park was built by the club 6 years ago and since then has developed into one the best Motorcycle Complex’s in NSW, Australia. It is situated on Gunnedah Road, just past the Airport.

At Oakburn Park we have Speedway, Dirt Track, Motocross & Super Motard. All disciplines cater for both Junior & Senior riders. The tracks are also licenced for ATV Racing.

Our club days are, as a rule, every third weekend of the month. 

The Speedway & Dirt Track have excellent lighting, so in the warmer months we run the Speedway & Dirt Track meetings on Saturday nights. 

The club is all about encouraging the sport of Motorcycling.

Our club also has successfully hosted many Australian & NSW Championships and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Track Specifications:      Senior Speedway - 451 metres of granite & sand 
Junior Speedway - 120 metres of granite & sand
Dirt Track - 480 metres of granite & sand
              Motocross track - 1100 metres & 1500 metres of a loam mix 
Super Motard - 1400 metres of tar & dirt  


Friday 5 December 2014
TMCC Christmas party and presentation night at the Family Hotel function room at 6:30pm.

Saturday 13 December 2014
Practice day for MX, Dirt Track and Speedway starting at 4pm till it gets to dark to see.
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General Meeting 2nd Tuesday of every month at 
Family Hotel, Bridge St, Tamworth. Starting at 7:30pm. 

Practice Days, Kick Start books and Junior Endorsements will be 
held on the 1st Saturday of every month 12noon till 4pm. 

Catering for all classes from Junior to Senior. 

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